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Rwanda China Alumni Organization Successfully Held "China week" Media Campaign

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From September 6 to 17, 2019, Rwanda China Alumni Organization (RCAO), in partnership with Rwanda TV, Rwanda Radio and Kigali Today Radio, successfully held the "China week" media series publicity activity themed "China's development over the past 70 years and China-Africa relations". During the activity, the organizers interviewed a number of government officials, public figures as well as common citizens, focusing on China's development achievements and China-Africa relations, and produced special documentary "China and Rwanda". The programs were repeatedly broadcast at prime-time of the above TVs and radios.

The Rwandan government and the people from all walks of life actively participated in the activities and gave thumbs up to China's development and China-Rwanda friendship. Dr. Uzziel Ndagijimana, Rwandan Minister of Finance, Mr. Olivier Nduhungirehe, Minister of State in Charge of East African Community, Patricie Uwase, Permanent Secretary of Rwandan Ministry of Infrastructure, Mr. Emmanuel Muvinyi, Executive Director of Higher Education Council among other senior officials as interviewees, spoke highly of the China-Rwanda relations and China's support to Rwanda development in areas of infrastructure, education, medical treatment, mining, etc.. The Rwandan side was willing to work with the Chinese government and people, which proved to be trustworthy partners and good friends, in promoting bilateral relations within the framework of the FOCAC so as to achieve greater development. Protois Musoni, senior adviser of the ruling party Rwanda Patriotic Front, Chairperson of Pan-African(Rwanda) and former Minister of Local Government, highly praised China's development achievements under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. He indicated that China's rise for the first time in the human history contributed a new model of international relations figured mutual respect and win-win cooperation, China had grown to be a good example among major countries with responsibility for the world peace and development. And most of false slander against China by the west media was an attempt to contain China's rise. Mr. Theoneste Higaniro, President of Rwanda China Alumni Organization, after reflecting on what he had seen in his study and life in China, said that China's modernization in areas of infrastructure, innovation, opening up and citizen life in recent years was beyond the imagination of the world. China was no longer a country labeled as cheap and closed and backward. Mr. Benjamin Gasamagera, former President of Rwandan Private Sector Federation, commended China's good business environment and Chinese people's character of hospitality, friendship and sincerity, indicated that this was the main reason that African people were more willing to do business in China than in western countries. 

Mr. Wang Jiaxin, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy joined the interview at invitation. He briefed the audience on China's splendid development journey from a semi-colonized, poor and blank country to today's remarkable achievement, illustrated the historical necessity and unique advantages of the socialist road with Chinese characteristic that Chinese people had chose to follow. China and Africa, Rwanda in particular, he said, with similar historical experiences, stage of development and governance concept, should strengthen the mutual learning so as to achieve more mutual benefit and win-win results.

During the activities, RCAO and the medias also visited the China-funded Masaka hospital, Confucius institute, Chinese enterprises, hotels and restaurants, where they recorded stories of China and Rwanda cooperation around the common citizens and the China-Rwanda friendship in their eyes. RCAO, Xinhua News Agency, the New Times, Kigali today, Igihe, City Radio reported the schedule and interview through their websites, newspapers, radio, posters and internet social network platforms.

RCAO is an organization of Rwandan youth who had studied in China. It was officially registered in 2017 and has over 400 members. It has played a positive role in promoting the people-to-people friendship between China and Rwanda

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